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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Friendship Day

We read a story today about an annoying goose and a bear who were really good friends.  The children were given straw beads of one color.  The children then had to ask their friends to trade beads so they could have their friend's color on their bracelet.  Once children traded beads, they strung them on a pipe cleaner and made a friendship bracelet.  The children were so proud of their bracelets.  (Skills used:  Socialization, Language, Fine Motor)  The morning children couldn't go outside to recess because of the rain and lightening this morning.  They got to play with shave cream.  We practiced making the first letter in their names and simple shapes in the shave cream.

Extra morning activity because morning kids couldn't have
outside recess due to lightening and rain.  They enjoyed
getting to use the shave cream.  This is a fun home activity.

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