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Friday, September 28, 2012

How do I Feel?

Impulsive Puppy (a realistic looking puppet) comes to visit our classes on Fridays. He is part of the Second Step Anti-violence Curriculum that helps us recognize our emotions and teaches acceptable ways to deal with them. Last Friday, we talked about our bodies showing others how we feel. The children imitated different emotions. Can you guess what emotions they are pretending to show?

Our Future Homes

We have been studying about families and homes. This week the children used found materials such as tissue tubes,paper towel tubes, paper plates, cups, and other materials to build what they thought their houses would look like in the future. They worked really hard and made some unique homes.

We Love Homework

The children and their families worked on a homework assignment to make a "paper" child. The projects were a great success and so cute. The children showed and talked to the class about their paper persons. I even had at least two children thank me for giving them home work (hmm, wonder how often that will happen in the future). We will have other "homework" projects during the year. Thanks to all our families for helping make this project fun for the children.

Just Too Cool Kids

While studying a unit on the five senses, the children designed their own glasses to remind us of our sense of sight.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preschool Babies get TLC

The dramatic play area is a very popular place in our classroom. The children give the "babies" a lot of tender, loving care. These are pictures that I caught today of children taking care of the babies.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

AM--Caterpillar Painting

The children painted egg cartons to make their caterpillars for our unit on the five senses. They will glue different textures to their caterpillars to expand our understanding of touch.

Future Omelet Chefs in the Afternoon

We learned about Ollie Ostrich and his letter O last week. He operated on olives and made them into omelets. To wrap up the unit, we made omelets in both the morning and the afternoon classes. The morning class unanimously enjoyed the cheese omelets. The afternoon class didn't like them. We also sampled both black and green olives. The children preferred the black olives.