Welcome to Our Classroom!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yum! Yum!

We studied about "Dr." Ollie Ostrich last week and his letter "O."  Dr. Ostrich took care of sick animals by operating on olives, putting a special potion in them, and adding them to an omelette.  When the animals ate the omelettes, they were cured.  Most of the children didn't know what an omelette is so we made our own.  We didn't fill them with magical olives but made sausage and cheese omelettes.  We heard a lot of yums when they tasted the omelettes.  We also learned about the importance of washing hands and being sanitary around cooking.

(I apologize if we didn't get your child in any of these pictures.  Some pictures didn't come out.  Not sure if it was the camera we used or the photographer.  We take lots of pictures during the year and will get all the children in pictures eventually.)

The omelettes were a success!

Afternoon Fun

The afternoon students enjoyed bathing the babies.  They also enjoyed cutting.  We taped paper on the whiteboard so that they could learn to cut with their thumbs on top.  We also made books about ourselves.

Welcome to Preschool

The morning students enjoyed exploring their new classroom and meeting new friends during the first week of school.  They really enjoyed giving our baby dolls baths and taking care of them.  We hung paper from the whiteboard and practiced cutting.  This helped us learn keep our thumbs on top as we cut.