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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring is Here!

The children went out to look for signs of spring.  Every time that they found something that was on their picture sheet, they would put a sticker over the picture.  The morning found all eight objects that they were hunting for.  The afternoon class found seven of the objects.  It was hot enough that they couldn't find an earthworm.

Morning Class

Afternoon Class

Uh Oh! Leprechauns

 The children arrived in class today to find that their classroom was a mess.  Chairs were tipped over and toys dumped.  The children found a tub of leprechaun gold that the leprechaun left for them to play with and guard.  They also found tiny footprints all over the room.



I'm so confused.

Not my footprint.

Not my footprint

Not my footprint

Not my footprint

Leprechaun clean up time.

He walked all over our tables.

Gardening Season Start

The children cleared their grow boxes today and planted their first crop-onions.  We are getting ready to plant lots of seeds.