Welcome to Our Classroom!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Day in the Preschool Life

The children were interacting so well during play today that I had to get the camera out.  The Legos were really popular and the children were working together to make structures.  Some of the children enjoyed the baby dolls.  I put some real diapers on the babies and they were so excited.  We are going to have some excellent mommies and daddies.  The children take such good care of the babies. 

Someone was so kind to leave a tub of construction toys and a Thomas Train set outside our door.  The children are really enjoying those.  During free choice time, they are doing lots of building and construction.  Whoever surprised them with the toys, thank you.  The children love them.  Free choice play not only give them time to socialize, but it also allows them to practice adult roles.

Spring is Here, Maybe......

Spring is here!!  Well, maybe.......  We cancelled our walk to find signs of spring today because it is just too cold and windy.  We will plan the walk for next week when the weather is warmer.  Our classroom is warm and cozy and starting to look like spring though.  We've been talking about the different changes in spring including more rain (sometimes), warmer weather (sometimes), more wind, and other changes such as more baby animals.  The children made hand print butterflies to give our room a little taste of spring.

Egg Hunts and Parties

The children enjoyed their egg hunt and party today.  The day was cold and dreary.  The children complained when they came back from recess that it was too cold outside.  I suggested that maybe it was too cold to hunt eggs.  They enthusiastic decided that it wasn't too cold to hunt eggs so our hunts went on.  They children proudly used their bunny baskets to carry the eggs in.  They made the baskets from gallon milk/water jugs.