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Friday, March 11, 2016

Catching a Leprechaun.....Not.

That ornery Leprechaun came back to our classroom this year.  He left a daily mess, including muddy footprints every day for the week.  The children had to come in daily and pick up everything that he threw around.  The children made traps but all they caught were his hat, blanket, beads, and a piece of his shirt.  They didn't catch him but the afternoon kids did see his hat bouncing around outside our window.  The children helped clean up the footprints before leaving for Spring Break (we didn't think it would be fair for the janitor to have to clean up after him).  I took their traps apart today.  We didn't want to catch him over Spring Break and have him be thirsty and hungry all week.  Fortunately, he is getting lonesome without us here and moving on.  Hope he didn't slip into someone's backpack when the children left for Spring Break.

Not my footprints.

Not my footprints.

We didn't do it.

He ate and slept on our table.

Picking up after a leprechaun.

Shhhhhh......We have to be quiet to find him.

He got in our fridge and drank our milk.

Did you see the leprechaun, Bugsy?

He left his breakfast mess again.

Building traps to catch him.

"He slept in my trap."

He left a note.  "Tee hee hee.  You couldn't catch me."

Is there anything in the trap?

Time to clean up the leprechaun's feet prints so the janitor doesn't have to.

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