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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Preschool Handy Helpers

We are starting to learn our classroom jobs this week.  The students are so excited about helping in the classroom.  Having jobs allows the the students to feel that they are  important members of our classroom family.  We will add more jobs as the year progresses.  The children's names are rotated weekly so everyone has a chance to do every job.  This week, we are also working on opening our own milk cartons and raising our hands when we need help.
AM Calendar Person

AM Weather Person

AM Door Holder

AM Line Leader

AM Snack Helper

AM Snack Helpers

I can open my carton without help.

PM Weather helper
PM Calendar Helper
PM Snack Helper
PM Snack Helper
I can raise my hand for help.
I raised my hand for help.

I can raise my hand to ask for help.

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