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Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Names are Special

This week, we learned about our names. Our names are special.  Our parents picked them out just for us.  We read stories about a porcupine named Fluffy and a mouse named Chrysanthemum.  Each child got a name folder this week.  As each child comes in, he or she sits down with the folder and touches the dot under the letter and says the letter name.  He or she then gets to put the Velcro letters in order to spell his or her name.  The children really like putting their letters in order.  We will soon start tracing the letters in our names with our fingers and then writing our names in our folders with an erasable marker.

We've already learned about Ollie Ostrich (O)  and Actress Annie (A).  We are off to a good start in preschool.

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