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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Volcanic Day

The children were excited and apprehensive to set off their volcanoes.  All had a great time.  We sent the formula home so the children could explode their volcanoes at home.  We also had a fun time with other table time activities on this day.  A couple of children stuck their fingers in the "lava" and tasted it before we could stop them.  Fortunately, it is nontoxic vinegar and baking soda.

The children explored art by drawing a still life of a basket of fruit.  We had some unique drawings.  We ended up with a number of Picasso like drawings--not bad for a first attempt.

Letter Recognition and Writing
The children learned the letter "P" and that Polly Panda paints purple "Ps " on pants and pizza pans.  The children traced P's with a purple crayon on pants and then put a pink wash over them.

Drawing a still life

Painting Purple P's

We even had some serve and eat lunch during free play time.

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