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Friday, April 22, 2016

Stone(Less) Soup

After we read a story called Stone Soup, the children made their own soup.  They decided that they didn't want a stone in it.  In the story, a beggar comes to the village.  It is such a poor village that the people hide what small amount of food they have.  He begins making soup with a stone and water.  Slowly, the villages begin adding what meager food they have to it.  In the end, they all enjoy a nice meal by sharing what little they have.

We used the vegetables that Mrs. Montgomery froze from  last year's preschool garden.  The Students ate the soup for snack and decided that it was really good.  This year's garden is doing so well that it looks like next year's preschool students will also make some yummy stone soup.  We should be able to include peas and maybe some cabbage next year.

Preschool Onions

Store Bought Celery

Preschool Tomatoes

Bay Leaf



Bay leaf

Preschool Green Beans

Frozen Carrots and Potatoes

Chicken Broth


"Can you open my crackers."

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