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Monday, November 16, 2015

Wash those Germs Away

Our science experiment taught us why we need to wash our hands.  We also found out that at least one person didn't use soap or wash his or her hands enough.  We placed slices of bread in baggies and taped them to our art cabinet.  Our dirty slice of bread got some interesting growth on it.

Our control--This slice was taken out of the package with gloves and hasn't been touched.  It has no signs of growth on it.

Everyone in the afternoon touched this slice of bread after washing hands.  They did a good job washing hands and have very little growth on it.

Someone in the morning must not have washed hands thoroughly.  We got a small amount of growth on this slice.

The morning children touched this slice of bread before they washed their hands.  They washed hands after coming in for recess so they might not have picked up too many germs yet.

The afternoon children touched this slice after coming in from recess and not washing hands first.  Lesson learned:  We need to wash our hands after playing outside.

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