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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Field Trip Fun Day

The children finally got to take their field trip after one postponement  because of bad weather and much debate about whether to cancel again because of weather and mud.  The children had a wonderful day,  the temperature remained comfortable, and they went home pleasantly dirty and tired.  They started the day visiting animals at Mrs. Bahr's home.  We walked the block back to Mrs. Montgomery's home where they visited and fed more animals.  We had a talk by Mr. Montgomery about bees and how important they are to us.  The children ate a nice picnic lunch and then played games until time to return to school.  At least a couple of children fell asleep on the bus trip back and MANY were very close to going to sleep.

Baby Turkeys

 Turkey feather play.
Baby dog (7 month old) Mastiff

 Baby rabbits.
 Daddy rabbit is so soft.

 Petting and feeding horses.

 Petting and feeding goats and donkey.

Hand feeding a chicken.

 Picnic and rest time.

 Mr. Montgomery talking about bees.

Fun and Game Begin

 Bubble Fun Begins

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