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Monday, April 23, 2018

Busy, Busy Day

The children were busy today.  They looked through seed catalogs to find their favorite fruits and vegetables.  They cut out the pictures and glued them on paper bags so that they can take their bean plants home in them.  The bags were a suggested project from the Gardening Grant Curriculum .

The children examined watermelon seeds.  They then painted a "W" the color of a watermelon and glued the seeds on the letter.

Our final project today was to plant a beanstalk.  The children then made a plant poke to put in the container with their beanstalk.  They are excited to see how long it takes for their beanstalk to climb up to the giant's castle on the plant poke.

Gardening Bags

Watermelon "W"

Planting beanstalks and making castle plant pokes

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