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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

The preschool students have been doing activities involving baking this week.  Mrs. Montgomery brought in some of her collection of gingerbread books.  They have been quite popular in the book area.  We've done activities involving gingerbread and gingerbread tasting.  Mrs. Montgomery baked a couple of big gingerbread men for the children.  He sneaked out of the room (so he wouldn't be eaten) and hid on the school campus.  Children followed clues to find him.  They found him back in their classroom.  They voted to eat him and enjoyed every bite. 

There are many, many gingerbread stories.

Run!  Run as fast as you can!

Gingerbread books are popular in our class library.

Afternoon Class Gingerbread Hunt

The Gingerbread Man left clues in the classroom that we might find him on the playground.
The children found clues on that playground that sent us to the kitchen.

They found clues in the kitchen that sent them to the office.

They found clues in the office that sent them to Mr. Burke's office.

They found clues in Mr. Burke's office that sent them to the district office.

Mr. Burke reading the clues they found in his office.

The clues in the district office said the Gingerbread Man was tired and 
decided to go back to the classroom.

We found him.  The children voted unanimously that 
we should eat him.  One of the girls did say that she felt sorry for him.
When asked if we should eat him then she said, "Yes."

And so ends the story of the Gingerbread Man.

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