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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day Two of Preschool

The children are catching on quickly to our songs and routines.  Center time is the part of the day where children can play where they want.  It is an important time for socialization with the children.  Center time/dramatic play is a time that children can work on social skills such as sharing, proper ways to settle disagreements, and being creative. Today, I captured a few of the dramatic play moments.  It might look like just play, but this is a valuable learning time for the children.


 The trains are a popular area.  The children are practicing 
communication, sharing, and using fine motor skills        
 when handling the trains and track.                                    

 Time for (pretend) milk and cookies.

  Pretending to eat the play dough treat that he made.
 Those play dough lids are hard to get off.
 It is so worth it when you do get the lid off though. 
 Play dough  builds finger and hand strength,
 Block play helps develop math skills and coordination.
 Pretend play helps develop imagination.

 Puzzles are great for building fine motor control, visual 
concepts, math concepts, and other skills.

Special magic wand he built.

 She brought lunch to the boys at the train track.  

 "Look how big this carrot is."
 Role playing adult activities.

 "I built a boat."
 Making play dough ravioli with Ms. Coble.

 Fine motor development while working together to solve the maze.

 Practicing familiar roles.
 Practicing adult roles.

 Building friendships

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