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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Edgar Elf's Egg Salad

The children learned about the letter "E" this week.  We read the story about Edgar Elf.  He is one of Santa's Elves that took a vacation to the Emerald Zoo.  While there, he stayed in an envelope outside the elephant enclosure, ate eggplant, and exercised.  We decided today to make Edgar's egg salad sandwiches.  Today was even more exciting for the morning class because KSDE sent Russ from Greenbush to video our cooking activity and Jeanie from the Child Food Program to interview Mrs. Montgomery.  They will use this video in a nutrition tape that the Kansas State Department of Education is making. (I apologize not to have more morning pictures but didn't get our camera out while they were filming.)  

Children in both classes enjoyed making their own sandwiches, but the afternoon class really seemed to enjoy their sandwiches.  They decided that they are good cooks.

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