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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Ready!!!!!

We finally got to harvest our preschool container garden today.  Following harvest, the children washed their lettuce, radishes, and onions.  Mrs. Montgomery bought some tomatoes to add since our tomato and pepper plants aren't ready yet.   Most of the children thoroughly enjoyed their salad.

AM Class
Our salad turned out great.

We used scissors to cut our lettuce.  We got extra cutting practice and we can get another crop from the lettuce by not pulling it from the roots.

Yuck!  An onion with dirty roots.

"Look at all the flowers on our tomato."

Our pepper plant has blooms.

Close up look at the tomato blooms.

"Look what we grew and picked."

We have to get all the dirt off.

"This is so good."

PM Class

"It's not polite to take pictures when people are eating."

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