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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Preschool Field Trip to Grenola

The children had so much fun on our field trip.  They ate breakfast and boarded the bus--excited and energetic.  We went to the Bahr home where the children got to pet baby bunnies and see the dog kennel.  We then fed horses, goats, and chickens.  Mr. Montgomery explained about raising worms and bees.  After a picnic lunch, the children had an afternoon of fun and games.  They returned home tired, dirty, and covered in horse slime.  How could you ask for a better day?

We're off for our trip.

We made it to Grenola.

Mrs. Bahr shows us baby bunnies.

Mrs. Bahr's sister shows us horses.

"Ick, he slimed me."

"Take my picture."

Here comes the goats.

There go the goats.

The goats come back.

Mrs. Futhey's dog.

Dirt is fun.

Mr. Gumry shows how to raise worms for worm tea (not for drinking) and to get worm castings.  The tea and castings make the garden healthy.

We want to hold the worms.

Feeding chickens fresh grass.

Mrs. Gumry in her bee keeping suit.  The children thought she was dressed as a spaceman.

Mr. Gumry talking about bees and showing honeycomb.

Having fun!

Parachute time on a windy day.

Inside the chute.

Bubble blowing.

Will, "Everybody listen.  I'm going to tell you about bees."

"This is where the bees take their honey."

"Follow me and I will show you where the bees get the honey."  He walked the kids over to a bush and showed them a flower on it.

Trying on the bee keepers hood.

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