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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shhh.......Leprechaun Alert

We started a new unit on spring and along with Spring comes St. Patrick's Day.  A sneaky little leprechaun moved into our classroom over the weekend. The only time he comes out is when the classroom gets very quiet and he thinks we are gone.  The children even shushed the teacher today.  Today was probably the quietest day that we've had all year.  We learned today that leprechauns are actually a type of fairy and that they are the cobblers for the other fairies.  They love to dance and wear out their shoes frequently.  

                                                       "It's not my footprint."

                                                           "It's not my footprint."

The leprechaun returned to play tricks on the afternoon children.  They were quite surprised to find the mess.  They quickly cleaned up the mess.

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