Welcome to Our Classroom!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Surprise Visit from Officer Anna

Sheriff Hanks, Deputy Walker, and Deputy Soper brought a special visitor to the preschool classroom this morning.  Police Dog Anna came to our classroom with them.  Her handler and partner, Deputy Walker, allowed the children to pet her.  We are so grateful to the Elk County Sheriff's Department for all they do and for sharing Anna with us today.

Monday, April 23, 2018

We viewed a DVD of a visit to the farm with Cool Puppy Pup (from our gardening grant curriculum) to see how squash is grown and harvested.  We had another another vegetable tasting.  The children got sliced rounds of yellow squash and could put a piece of cheese on it.  The morning class vote was that  twelve students liked the squash and two didn't like it.  Several asked for more squash.


Peas Please!

The afternoon class planted the preschool's peas today.  The peas were started inside weeks ago so that they will have a jump start.  We had peas in our salad last year by the end of May and are hoping that the weather cooperates and that these will be ready in time for the salad.  If they aren't, Ms. Gumry will freeze them and we will put them in our veggie soup in the fall.

Our Garden

The children got their spinach, lettuce, radishes, and onions planted.  They really enjoyed getting to water it.  They are excited to taste their salad at the end of this school year.


PM Planting