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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring is Springing

The preschool children went on a scavenger hunt for spring.  They each had a clipboard with pictures of items associated with spring.  Each time they would find one of the items on their list, they would get to cover the picture with a sticker.  The morning class was disappointed that they didn't find a worm.  They found everything else on their list.

AM Class


Baby Animals


Lady Bug


New Leaves

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Let go of my "Lego"

The children read a book about animals playing safely on a playground.  After we read the book and discussed how to be safe on the playground, the children picked out animals to make puppets with and then built playground equipment with Legos.  The children enjoyed letting their animal puppets play on the playground equipment in the playground that they built.

Leprechaun Woes

Oh, no....The leprechaun returned to the preschool classroom.  He left things scattered all over the classroom.  While the children were picking up and putting away his mess, one of the girls said that someone needs to teach the leprechaun to put his things away when he is finished playing.  He left a leprechaun gold, beads, and other fun items in the sensory table and asked the children to guard his leprechaun gold.  The children decided that they needed to catch the leprechaun.  They worked in groups and built elaborate traps in the hopes of catching him.

Who made this mess?

Building Traps