Welcome to Our Classroom!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Building, Building, Building

The preschool students love the different blocks in our classroom.  You will often hear shouts of, "Take a picture of me and what I made."  Blocks are a wonderful activity for children. They are learning math concepts (including geometry) while they practice engineering skills.  They also learn team work by working together and socialization skills while playing with the blocks with other children.  These are a few random block shots during free choice time.


Shape Engineers

The preschool students studied the harder shapes (rectangle, oval, and diamond) last week.  To help them remember the different shapes, they rolled out play dough and cut those shapes from it.

Yum! We are good cooks

The preschool students made another recipe from the "My Plate" grant.  This has been their favorite recipe so far.  They were given a small tortilla and some low fat cream cheese to spread on it.  They then selected vegetables of different colors that some had never tried before.  They also got to choose red beans as a protein.  The children then rolled their tortilla (or in some cases folded their tortillas because of putting on so many vegetables) and made a vegetable crunch wrap.  Almost all of the children really enjoyed this.  This can be a healthy activity to make at home with your child.  We sent the recipe home, but if you want a copy just let us know.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Exploration of a Dill Pickle

We finished our unit on the five senses today.  We read the book, I Hear a Pickle.  The book is about our different senses.  The children used all five of their senses to explore a dill pickle and record their findings.